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Clique episode 2 review

After the shock ending of the previous episode, Holly’s understandably a bit curious about what the interns and, by association Georgia, are really getting up to. Making tea and getting photocopies doesn’t usually end with you jumping off a hospital roof after slitting your wrists.

Clique episode 1 review

British television has historically not been great at delivering the kind of sleek, aspirational and/or scandalous young adult television that the US has cornered the market on since the 90s. Where the US has Gossip Girl and 90210, the UK has Hollyoaks and Made In Chelsea.

The Vampire Diaries’ return to its thematic roots

Since The Vampire Diaries premiered back in September 2009, a lot have things have changed. TV has become unrecognisable. The CW has evolved far past its identity as a haven for teen romance and guilty pleasure soap opera to a haven for superheroes and critically acclaimed soap opera, and the vampire craze faded out along with True Blood and The Twilight Saga.